Monday, 14 February 2011

Time, Time, Time!

Well, it's been a while, and I have to be up front with you all – I've been terrifically busy. I married my girlfriend in Australia, and am currently back in San Francisco taking care of business so I can move back to Melbourne and do my damnedest to become an Australian citizen. Holy shit, this is a lot of work; but I'm up to it. I'm also up to sharing electronic music with one and all – so I promise that in the very near future I will continue with (what I hope to be) the pretty cool music reviews, news, and observations that I've been doing over the last year. Be patient, dear readers. There will be more posts, I promise. Expect reviews of new albums by Cut Copy and Art Vs Science, reviews of shows by Meat Beat Manifesto, and a couple of lookbacks at tried-and-true works from the likes of Human League and Simple Minds. I will also be focusing more on the gothic scene, so expect more of that.

So – yeah. Keep tuned, and Happy Valentine's Day, I reckon.

From 1986, here's Depeche Mode with "Black Celebration". Cheers!