Monday, 4 October 2010

Ambient Classic: Aphex Twin.


Just had to share this. My favorite writer from one of my favorite websites, Boing Boing has written a little piece this morning about a new video for the track "Gwely Mernans" off the 2001 Aphex Twin album drukqs. As Xeni Jardin writes, "No idea if this is sanctioned or 'unofficial,' but it's hard for me to imagine an approach that would fit the composition better."

I myself strongly agree with Ms Jardin. This clip, directed by Milan-based videographer Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, is essentially a moody black and white piece consisting of one long, drawn-out close-up of an attractive couple sharing an especially erotic open-mouthed kiss. Whether or not it's SFW is not my call to make - but you might want to wait until you're at home, in the dark, watching this video on full-screen with a glass of your favorite red wine at hand. And then, afterwards, light some candles and maybe some incense, and enjoy the aural sensation of Mr Richard James' other ambient masterpieces - say, Selected Ambient Works Volume 2, ... I Care Because You Do, or the 2003 Smojphace EP.

You'll then be in for quite a night - make it romantic, will you? Feel free to tell me how your evening went in the comments!

IN OTHER NEWS: Second Drawer Up will be moving to lovely Melbourne, Australia tomorrow, so there might be a few days until I'm up and running again. Thanks so much for your support and continued reading - I'm looking forward to keeping you all in the loop! Cheers!

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